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Unlock Windows 7 Password Easily, Safely and Quickly


"I need help to unlock Windows 7 password for my HP desktop. My son has done something and I now can't log on to my computer. I find my user name shows on Windows 7 welcome screen while it just says LOCKED and my password won't work. Anyone please help me!!!"

What a poor father! However, this is not an incident. For a family or a couple who share one computer at home, if someone changes the computer password without telling others, it's easy to forget that new password. I've read too many similar posts and I do sympathize with their sufferings. However, problem already exists, and solutions to fix the problem are imperative. Then new problem arises. How? And how to unlock Windows 7 password when it is forgotten or lost?

unlock Windows 7 password

Unlock forgotten & lost Windows 7 password with Windows Password Key Professional

Briefly speaking, using a third party application like Windows Password Key Professional to unlock the forgotten or lost Windows 7 password for a locked computer, this is the easiest, safest and quickest way. Here I will show you how this tool could help you achieve that.

Note: Things you need to prepare in advance:
  • ① An accessible Windows OS-based computer. (If you don't have one, just borrow one.)
  • ② A blank USB flash drive. (If it is not empty, try to transfer the data inside to another safe place.)
  • ③ Get a free download version of Windows Password Key Professional. (Search Windows Password Key in Google, you will soon find this site: to get the tool without charging or registration etc.)

Step1. Install the downloaded tool to the prepared accessible computer and then launch it.
Stpe2. Insert the early prepared blank USB flash drive to the computer with Windows Password Key Professional installed. Then click "Burn" to create a password reset disk.
Step3. Insert the burned password reset disk to your locked Windows 7 PC and set it boot from USB in BIOS.
Step4. Remove the forgotten Windows 7 password by typing "y" without quotations to confirm removing the forgotten password after you select the target password-forgotten Windows 7 user account.

"How do I unlock my Windows 7 password?" You've done it now! Next, restart your PC and take out the disk. Then you can log on computer without entering any password.

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