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Windows Password Key Tutorial

How to reset Windows local account password or domain password using Windows Password Key? The following will show you a step-by-step guide to complete windows password reset tasks.

Below are the steps to reset Windows password using Windows Password Key Standard

Step1. Download a free demo version of Windows Password Key Standard (to view the user list for a trial) or buy a full version online (to reset an unknown password)

Step2. Run the downloaded file to install Windows Password Key Standard. You can install Windows Password Key Standard on any PC you have access to.

Step3. Windows Start menu - From your Microsoft Windows Start Programs menu, select Windows Password Key Standard| Windows Password Key Standard.exe . Windows Password Key Standard will be launched automatically.

Step4. Using a Windows Password Key bootable CD/DVD to reset windows password or using a Windows Password Key bootable USB Flash Drive to reset windows password following the instructions below:

Using a Windows Password Key bootable CD/DVD to reset windows password

Step 1: Choose the existing windows password key image file.
You can click "Browse" to browse Windows Password Key image file. The file is usually located as the default.

Choose the existing windows password key 8.0 image file

Step 2: Choose your CD/DVD drive:
Select "CD/DVD" and specify the CD burning drive from the pull-down list. Insert a blank CD/DVD disk into the CD-ROM drive.

Choose your CD/DVD drive

Click "Burn" button.

Click 'burn' button

Step 3: The burning process starts.
Windows Password Key extracts the ISO image and copies the necessary files on a CD.

Step 4: Put in your newly created CD and remove your Windows password:top of page
1. Insert newly created CD in your CD drive and reboot your computer.

When the CD boots, you'll see Windows Password Key initializing (see screen shot below). If so, you can continue to the next step. If the computer boots still boots into Windows, it's necessary to change your computer's setup to make it boot from the CD. You can find more info about this on our BIOS page HERE.

2. Choose the Windows installation to be processed:

3. Choose the user whose password you want to reset by typing it's number and pressing "ENTER".

4. Type "y" followed by "ENTER" to reset the password.

5. After you confirm the resetting of the password. Windows Password Key asks: 'Reset password for another account? (y/n)'. Type "y" to reset password for another account, or "n" if you are finished and want to exit. Remove the Windows Password Key bootable CD/DVD and restart your PC. Now you are able to log into your computer without a password!

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