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How to Bypass Admin password and other passwords on Windows 8

Have you ever feel annoyed by typing password every time you start your Windows 8? Are you as restless as ants on a hot pan when you forgot the password? As a Windows 8 user, I also have got stuck in such password-related problems. Thus, I search on the internet and collect some Windows 8 password key. Here I'd like to share with you to help you bypass Windows 8 password login.

Situation 1: How to bypass Windows 8 password screen with known password

If you can login into Windows 8 with a known password, you can bypass Windows 8 password screen easily by pressing "Win-X". Detailed steps are as follows:

bypass Windows 8 administrator password

Situation 2: How to bypass forgotten Windows 8 password

If you don't know the current password for some reasons, then the method above is not useful. Two methods are available in this case.

Method 1: use Windows 8 Password Key

Good software can help you a lot to do Windows 8 password bypass. Here I recommend you Windows Password Recovery. It's effective and easy-to-use. And it can bypass any of the lost Windows 8 passwords without data loss.

Download the free trial version of the software on another accessible computer and follow the simple steps.

Method 2: use picture password or PIN

If you previously created picture password or PIN on Windows 8, you can bypass Windows 8 login by following these steps.


bypass password on windows 8

Then you can go to "Control Panel" to turn off your password and follow instructions in Situation one to bypass Windows 8 password screen.

I hope that the methods mentioned above can be used as a Windows 8 password key to help you to bypass admin password on Windows 8 as well as other user passwords. Next time when you want to do this, whether you know the current password or not, check this article to find a solution that suits you.

The new windows 10 coming. learn more about bypass Windows 10 password >>

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